Jewel Logic

Jewel Logic 2.0

Jewel logic is a brainteaser in the genre of logic games
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Cosmi Corporation

Jewel logic is a brainteaser in the genre of logic games. It provides challenges with state of the art sound and music. Graphics are highly detailed with full color with the easy to learn concept. Jewel logic provides environment for the novice maturing to an expert by unlimited levels of challenges. Jewel Logic has a solution for every challenge that can be won unlike other games that keep the users playing by providing complicated winning solutions. Logic of the game revolves around the decision about placement of the visually appealing baubles. It is a game of quick reflex and decision making and truly exhausting as well as challenging. Match the jewels to keep the space to accommodate more jewels. Backdrops keep changing with different levels to keep the visual scene entertaining breaking the monotony of watching the same background for hours. Jewel Logic is addictive as each level provides adequate scope of win within reach by employing suitable logic of operation. This game supports operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows XP and requires 128 MB RAM making it suitable for systems running older versions. Internet access is mandatory to play with Jewel Logic.
Installation is compact and the game is easy to follow and navigate.

Manoj Goel
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  • Limitless levels and challenges
  • Rich Visual Appeal
  • Supports Windows Operating systems from Windows 98
  • Levels with possibility of a Win


  • Not a Freeware
  • Does not support Windows Vista
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